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Importance of Wearing Eye and Ear Protection While Hunting

Although a lot of people use guns within a gun range setting, where wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) like earmuffs and special glasses are mandatory, there is a massive number of individuals who do their shooting out in the wilderness while hunting.


Since this is not taking place in a controlled setting, it means that choosing whether or not to wear this PPE is completely up to the individual. But it is still highly recommended that someone make sure to wear something that will protect their ears and eyes while they are out hunting.


Otherwise, they could find themselves in need of an optometrist or hearing clinic in Pottstown much sooner than they would if they had made sure to wear the PPE. But in case someone needs some more convincing about why this is such an important thing to do, here is a list of benefits that wearing eye protection and ear protection will provide someone while hunting.

Glasses Protect Against Unpredictable Cartridges

What someone might not realize unless they have extensive experience shooting guns is the fact that it is impossible to predict what cartridges are going to do once fired from the gun. As part of the firing process, the bullet accelerates out of the cartridge, which is ejected from the gun, typically out of its side.


In most cases, the cartridge should simply fall to the side, not making any contact with the hunter. However, there are certain situations where it might fly in a completely unexpected direction. This is especially likely if there is a lot of wind while someone is hunting or if the person is positioned very close to some sort of solid objects like a tree, building, or other large structure that the cartridge could ricochet against.


If this were to happen, then it could easily result in the cartridge coming back towards the individual and possibly hitting them in the eye. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of touching a cartridge immediately after being ejected from a gun will know that they are extremely hot. Therefore, if a freshly ejected cartridge were to hit someone in the eye, it could cause significant damage. But as long as someone has shooting glasses on, they will be able to prevent this from happening.

Glasses Provide Protection From the Environment

It is not just the gun that poses a danger to the hunter’s eyes. Everything else around them could also be a potential threat to their eyesight. This is especially true if the person happens to be hunting in a heavily wooded area. The branches of trees can very easily hit someone in the eyes if they are not paying attention or accidentally turn around while standing too close to a low-hanging branch.


There are also countless bugs, spores, and other objects floating around outside that could get into a person’s eyes and cause them some eyesight issues.


Even the wind itself could be a problem. While the wind blowing in a person’s eyes isn’t likely to cause any damage, it will make it harder for them to keep their eyes fully open. This could make it harder for them to get an accurate shot or remain aware of nearby threats to their body. Therefore, it is a smart decision to wear eye protection at all times while hunting.

Earmuffs Help Prevent Hearing Loss

There are certain things that are hard for someone to understand if they have never fired a gun before. One of these things is the amount of kick that a lot of firearms produce, but the other even more important thing is just how loud a gun is. But anyone who is going hunting is likely not firing their gun for the first time, which means that there is no excuse about why they would not wear ear protection and avoiding needing help from an audiologist in Pottstown.


The amount of noise that the average gun produces when being fired is quite extraordinary. In terms of decibel levels, many of the guns used for hunting medium or large-sized game like deer, mountain goats, elk, or moose, can often produce a noise that is upwards of 160 dB.


Anyone with audiology knowledge in Pottstown is going to know that this number is very important. This is because 160 dB is above the amount of noise that a person’s ears can experience without suffering some sort of damage. In fact, any noise louder than 140 dB has been shown to cause permanent damage to a person’s ears. This means that it only takes a single shot from these kinds of guns in order to potentially cause permanent issues with a person’s ears that would cause them to have a harder time passing future hearing tests in Pottstown.


Even if someone is hunting small game and only using a very basic .22 caliber rifle, this is still going to produce a sound that is on the threshold of this 140 dB limit. And once the unprotected ears are exposed to a sound that is this loud, it suddenly damages the small inner ear hairs that every individual has.


These hairs might be small but they are necessary in order to translate the sound vibrations into noises that the brain can comprehend. So once they are no longer functioning properly, it makes it harder for someone to make sense of some quieter sounds that do not produce as significant of vibrations against the inner ear hairs. And what is really tragic about these inner ear hairs becoming damaged is the fact that they are not ever able to grow back once they have been damaged.


At this point, someone will need to rely on artificial devices in order to be able to make up for this permanent ear damage. Luckily, this entire scenario can be avoided if the hunter simply makes sure to always be wearing proper ear protection whenever they are going to be firing their weapon.