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Common Noises That Can Cause Hearing Loss

When someone thinks of sounds that cause a person to visit a hearing clinic in Pottstown, they likely picture extreme situations like attending a live concert or shooting guns. But these are not the only types of sounds that might cause someone to need to visit an audiologist in Pottstown. In fact, there is a wide range of sounds that can also fall into this category.


Essentially, any noise that is above 70 dB has the potential to cause damage to someone’s ears if they are exposed to it for long periods of time. And there is a shocking amount of noises that reach this noise level or even higher. That is why it is so important that everyone takes the time to learn about these common noises that have the potential to cause damage to the ears.

Running a Lawnmower

The amount of noise that this activity produces really depends on the type of lawnmower that is being used. For example, if someone is using an electric lawnmower, then it will likely produce noticeably less noise than other gas-powered models. Plus, the size of the machine will also have a big impact on how much noise it makes.


But if someone owns a medium or large gas-powered lawnmower, then they need to be careful whenever they go to mow the lawn. This is because a typical lawnmower will produce enough noise that it can potentially lead to issues that require an audiology specialist in Pottstown in order to help deal with it.


It isn’t nearly as much of a risk if someone only has minimal exposure to the lawnmower. However, when someone mows a lawn, it is not usually an activity that only takes a couple of minutes. Instead, this can easily take upwards of an hour, depending on the size of the lawn that is being cut. That is why it is important to think about the potential damage that the lawnmower might be causing and try to prevent it from happening by wearing some sort of ear protection.

Sitting In a Busy Restaurant

It might be shocking to think that sitting somewhere and eating could potentially damage someone’s ears. However, this is exactly what can happen if the individual is sitting in a very busy restaurant. This is because the more people that are present, the more noise that is going to be present inside of the restaurant.


At a certain point, between the sounds of people talking, the music playing through the restaurant speakers, the audio coming through the TVs, and the sounds coming from the kitchen are all going to combine and reach a decibel level where it has the potential to cause harm to a person’s ears and make them need to get hearing tests done in Pottstown. While the person can’t do much to control the volume of the restaurant, there are certain things that can be done in order to help limit the exposure to the noise.


For example, someone could make sure to pick more elegant and upscale restaurants to eat at since these tend to have a quieter and more intimate atmosphere. They could also make sure to request to sit on the restaurant side of the building if there are distinct lounge or bar sections and a restaurant section. This is because the bar or lounge area will often have louder music playing and will be filled with people who are likely drinking, which makes them more likely to talk louder, resulting in even more noise being produced.


Another tip that could help to limit the amount of noise they come across in a restaurant is making sure to pick a day or time that tends to be less busy. If there are fewer people in the restaurant, then there is obviously going to be far less noise to have to deal with.

Frequent Emergency Vehicles Passing By

It should come as no surprise that emergency vehicles are extremely noisy. They are specifically designed to have sirens that are loud enough to break through the sounds of other vehicles and any music playing inside of them. Therefore, when these emergency vehicles pass someone multiple times each day, it will mean that they are constantly exposed to these dangerously loud siren sounds.


This is especially challenging if someone happens to work or live by some kind of emergency vehicle station like a hospital, police station, or fire station. But there are still a couple of things that can be done in order to try and minimize the impact of these extremely loud emergency vehicles.


One option that is the most appealing if someone happens to work near an emergency vehicle station is to try and wear headphones as much as possible while working. This will hopefully block enough of the siren sound that it is no longer at dangerous levels.


But if someone happens to live near one of these facilities, then they might be able to do even more. While wearing headphones is still an option, something that will be even more appealing is swapping out all the windows for extra thick triple-paned ones. This will allow the windows to block out significantly more noise, which means that anyone inside of the home will hear the sirens at a significantly lower level that won’t be a danger to their ears.

Listening to Headphones

Even though listening to headphones has been one of the possible solutions to many of these other dangerous noises, they can also be a problem themselves. This is because many people listen to their music, podcast, or other audio entertainment at noise levels that are dangerously high. This often happens when someone is in a noisy environment where they are trying to drown everything out.


Luckily, most devices have the ability to set a maximum volume that the headphones will not be able to go past. This should help ensure that the volume of their audio entertainment never reaches dangerous levels that could harm their ears.